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An Ancient Townscape of Credibility-Lijiang

With past more than 800 years and was once a confluence for business along the old tea equine street, Old Town of Lijiang China travel service has maintained a ancient townscape of top quality and credibility.

Its structure is popular for the mixing of components from several societies that have come together over many hundreds of years. China city guide for more. Lijiang is also presented by an traditional water-supply system of great complexness and inventiveness that still features successfully today.

Located in the main part of Lijiang-ba in Lijiang Town of Yunnan Province, south west China, Lijiang is one of the four significant old China cities still in a state of ideal maintenance. Read also Beijing Cuisine. Also known as Dayan Town, it differs from the others among the Executing Naxi popular traditional and social habitations Ancient Music in China for its deficiency of surfaces but many amazing social features. First integrated the delayed Thirteenth millennium, the old capital of scotland - Lijiang depends on the Yunnan-Guizhou Level, with an elevation of over 2,400 metres and an area of some 3.8 rectangle miles. It currently has over 25,000 citizens, the majority of whom are of the Naxi social team.

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