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Search For The Wonderland in Wuyi Mountains

Wuyi Mountains are a mountain range located on the northwestern border of Fujian Province with Jiangxi Province affordable China tours. The mountains take an area of 999.75 square kilometers. The whole area is divided into four protection zones. The core area is 63,575 hectares and core sub-area 36,400 hectares with an additional buffer zone of 27,888 hectares.

The western portion of Wuyi Mountains is the key biodiversity conservation zone which contains complete, typical and largest forest ecosystems by comparison with other places on the same latitude. Joining the water in the east, Wuyi Mountains enjoy high reputation for its clear water, grotesque peaks, dingles and numerous historical and culture spots.

Occupying an area of 70 square kilometers, Wuyi Mountains Tourist Resort exalted as the most beautiful mountains in southeast China is the national key scenery wellknown scenic spot. It entered into the list of the World Heritage Site in 1999, both natural and cultural. In the ancient time, the mountains was formed through intense crustal movement and subsequent water and weathering. Peaks in the western part of Wuyi Mountain are made up of volcanic and plutonic rocks, while hills and peaks in the eastern are comprised of red sandstone. Therefore Wuyi Mountains are typical Danxia landform top 10 China tour packages.

In the following paragraphs, some famous scenic spots will be recommended.

Huanggang Mountain

Huanggang Mountain, the main peak of Wuyi Mountains, is the highest mountain with the length of 2,158 meters in the southeast China. Huanggang Mountain is the core zone of the Wuyi Nature Reserve so that it is not completely open to the public.

Nine-bend River (Jiu Qu Xi)

Nine-bend River, originating from the west region covered by the heavy forest, about 62.8 kilometers in length, winds through deep gorge among hills. There are 36 peaks and 99 rocks along the river. Taking a raft and appreciating the natural beauty along the river Yangtze River tour is truly enjoyable.

Song Street

Song Street at the foot of Dawang Hill is a song-style street and 300 meters long from south to north. There are many stores with the shape of old Chinese architecture, which are best place for souvenir hunters.


This village dates back to the North Song Dynasty China guide, and boasts some Qing-dynasty architecture from heyday as a wealthy tea-trading centre. To reach Xiamei, hop on a mini-bus (4 yuan), from Wu Yi Shan City for 12km journey.


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Beijing and Shanghai Tour in China in the Spring Festival

If you want to take a travel in China, I will suggest Beijing affordable China tours and Shanghai for you as they are two famous travel destinations in China, and if you have no idea when to go, I will tell you the end of the January and the earlier February will be a great choice for you in the near period as you can enjoy the fun of the Chinese spring festival and experience the local celebration with the special customer and local life there. So, right now you need to make your preparation to make your tour there, whose main part and the most important thing is to tailor make your itinerary there to help you have an enjoyable and wonderful trip in China!

A trip to China to enjoy the China spring festival with about 6 days will be suitable for you I guess:

Badaling Great Wall

Badaling Great Wall

In your first day, you will firstly arrive in Beijing, the capital of China with a long history and profound culture; then you will take your visit to the Tiananmen Square, The Forbidden City best tours of China and enjoy the Hutong Tour in Xicheng District in your second day; for your third day, you tour will be astonishing with the highlights of Badaling Great Wall and Ming Tombs; next will be your fourth day, when your tour in China will continue with the sightseeing of Summer Palace Garden of Virtue and Harmony and Temple of Heaven before your flight to Shanghai later that day; the next day in Shanghai you will take your visits to the Yuyuan Garden, Oriental Pearl TV Tower and The Bund and finally you will depart from Shanghai at day 6 to finish your China tour.

Do not forget to take a dinner with the local family to enjoy the activity and the show of the spring festival and taste the snacks of the spring festival at that time.

Obtain more via chinatourdotcom such as Hong Kong tour packages

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Wonderful travel experience to Songping Valley Scenic Area

Songping Valley Scenic Area is situated in Songpinggou village, Diexi town, Maoxian County affordable China travel packages. It was the fourth batch of provincial scenic resorts approved by Sichuan government in December, 1994. It is the first provincial scenic spot on the west line of Jiuhuanxian Road. The scenic area starts from the two hills along the road of Jiuhuan-Maoxian-Songpan in the east. It extends from Diexi earthquake relic to Longchi Mountain in the south, and reaches Dayawo, Yunhua Mountain, and Huazi Hill in the west. It regards Huazi Hill, Maodaoshan Mountain as its boundary in the north. The whole area occupies 30 square kilometers, and has the protection area of about 160 square kilometers. The scenic resort is characterized in earthquake relic, ponds, forest, mountains, folk customs, torrential flow, unique stones, etc. It is a shining pearl on the tourist line of Chengdu~Jiuzhaigou Valley.

Songpinggou Scenic area is consisted of three valleys and six ponds. The three valleys are Songping Valley, Yu’er Valley, and Shuimo Valley. They are scattered with a shape of Y.

Songping Valley:

Songping Valley is the major valley in this resort. It originated from Luzilang of Riduowoshan Mountain China best tours. The total length from east to west is 39 kilometers. The central spots are Gongpeng Pond, Shuimo Valley, Bailazhai Pond. The central spots are 11.9 kilometers far away from the earthquake relic at Diexi town. In this area, it is rich in plants. There are over 50 families of trees, among which mainly are birches, firs, bushes, etc.

Yu’erzhai Valley:

Yu’erzhai Valley is famous for fish. Yu’erzhai in Chinese means a village produces fish. Unluckily, the village was destroyed during the earthquake, and there is no fish any more. Above the relic of the village, there is the famous Yu’erzhai Pond. In this valley, the best spot is the forest scenery. In the forest, there live wild rabbits, marmots, wild chicken, etc.

More Tips:
1) Accommodation: The hotels at the scenic area: There are two hotels at present. One is Diesong Mountain Villa popular China tour package and another is Shenpiao Center. Diesong Mountain Villa: There are 72 luxurious and standard rooms. Hot water is supplied within 24 hours. There are air conditioners in the luxurious rooms. In summer, the hotel also provides tents for those who love to camp outside. There is a meeting room, which can contain 50 persons. 300 people can have dinner in the dining room at the same time. Visitors can taste local food and wild animal meat, etc. The price in Shenpiao Center: 200 RMB for the luxurious room, and 100 for the common standard room. 2) Specialties The area is rich in rare wild Chinese Medicines. There are 184 families, and 574 species of plants in total. In 1984, it was calculated that the total volume of the Chinese medicines reaches over 5400,000 kilograms. In the grasslands with the altitude of 3700~4200 meters, there are many treasured traditional Chinese medicines. Moreover, it is also rich in animals, such as golden snub-nosed monkeys, brown bears, deer, etc. 3) The best travel time: Visitors can travel here at anytime throughout the whole year. However, the better travel time is spring and fall. 4) Notes: a. Visitors can consider traveling here together with Jiuzhaigou and Honglong, as Songping Valley is quite close to those spots. b. The scenic area was just developed. The facilities here are not so good. So visitors had better prepare well to meet any difficulties. c. The area is very large. Visitors should travel by riding a horse. So, visitors should be more careful. d. Visitors traveling in no tourist agencies can take a bus to Maoxian county at Xinnanmenbus station in Chengdu China visa, then traverse to Songping Valley at Maoxian County.

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