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Make Perfect Plan for Your Tour to Sanya This Winter


Autumn has gone and here comes the winter time. If your country is cold and windy in winter, and if you want to go somewhere to relax yourself in winter, you can take the Sanya in China for consideration, as you can enjoy the favorable and warm climate in winter time and can also enjoy the sunshine bath on the beach which will make your tour there relaxing and amazing. So, for a perfect and wonderful tour to Sanya, you need to know more about this fantastic city before your trip there. Just follow me here to learn more about the Sanya hotels, Sanya tour itiernary, Sanya attractions, Sanya shopping and more here! Here we go for affordable China tours!

You need to deal with your staying in Sanya before being there, so here Hainan Huandao Underwater World Hotel, Huaxin Sea View Hotel Sanya, Sanya Chen Guang Fu De Hotel, Landscape Beach Hotel Sanya top 10 China tours, Linda Seaview Hotel Sanya, Crowne Plaza Hotel Sanya, Gloria Resort Hotel Sanya and Hilton Sanya Resort & Spa are highly recommended to you and you can decide which one for your choice according your money and your preferences. Attractions in Sanya here most famous for its Yalong Bay National Holiday Resort, Dadonghai Tourist Zone, Tianya Haijiao (The End of the Earth) and Monkey Island; when comes to the snack and food there, take taste the Wenchang Chicken, East Goat, Jiaji Duck , Hele Crab, Seafood Squares at Hexi Road and Fishing Boats at Hongsha. And you can take 6 days to go for a travel there with the itinerary of arrival upon Sanya in your first day and visiting the Luhuitou Park and Nanshan Buddhism Cultural Center in your second day and Yalong Bay Square Area, Butterfly Park popular China travel package and Shell Museum and the Li & Miao village in your third day and enjoying the Monkey Island in your fourth day and enjoy the sun bath on the beach for your whole day of your fifth day and departure from Sanya at day 6.

Just take your trip there for a much more excellent winter China vacation!

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A Holy Destination: Jokhang Temple


The spiritual center of Tibet can be found within the walls of Jokhang Temple (must-see in Tibet for last minute China travel deals ), Tibet's first Buddhist temple. Tens of thousands of pilgrims travel to the center of Lhasa annually to pray at the temple, which is regarded as the holiest site in Tibet. As part of the Potala Palace complex, Jokhang Temple occupies over 25,000sq meters.


King Songtsen Gampo, the 33rd King of Tibet (holy destination for your best tours of China), ruled during the Tang Dynasty, a period of great prosperity and progress both politically and economically. King Gampo actively promoted the spread of Buddhism during this period. In an effort to strengthen relations with neighboring countries, he married Princess Bhrikuti of Nepal, as well as Princess Wen Cheng of the Tang Dynasty. Each wife arrived in Tibet bearing the gift of a statue of Jowo Sakyamuni. In order to house the statures the king built two temples; Little Jokhang, and Jokhang, which were completed in 647. Although the original complex housed only 8 shrines, it underwent multiple renovations during the Yuan, Ming, and Qing dynasties, expanding to the grand scale that it is today.



The temple was erected on the former site of a lake, and legend holds that numerous attempts to build the temple resulted in collapse prior to choosing the lake as the final site for Jokhang. In order to construct the temple upon the lake, legend says that Wen Cheng advised that the lake be filled and leveled using soil carried by 1,000 sheep from a far distant mountain. Upon its completion the temple became known as Ra Sa Vphurl Snang, meaning "sheep of the earth". As the city of Ra Sa grew to surround the temple over time, it became known as Lhasa, the holy land.


The temple itself was built from timber planks and rises four stories, capped with a golden top. Its architectural influences include Tibetan, Nepalese, and Tang Dynasty styles.

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General Guide for Shopping in Beijing

Shopping in Beijing after affordable China tours to find bargains and haggle for the best prices is an essential part of the experience of visiting the city.


Walking and bargaining in the countless markets in Xiu Shui Jie Shopping Mall or the Xiu Shui Market will no doubt build up an appetite, but luckily there is plenty of food at these stalls for shoppers to refuel. Popular buys include fake designer labels, clothing and bags. Bargaining is an essential skill and an expected part of the transaction, but remember to keep a smile.


The main shopping area is around Wangfujing Dajie, where a number of department stores can be found, including the Beijing Department Store. The Xidan area offers wonderful big department stores selling fixed-price goods including electronic equipment. The Hong Qiao Market is a popular indoor market in the south central area of Beijing (must-see for your top 10 China tours) where bargaining is expected. Here buyers can haggle for goods such as cheap no-name or fake brand electronics, sunglasses, batteries, watches and jewellery.


Panjiayuan Collectors Market is an outdoor market with a good array of arts and crafts from all over China, including popular Beijing souvenirs like jade bracelets, cloisonné and lacquerware, silk, calligraphy, porcelain, and vintage Cultural Revolution books and posters. Beijing Tea Street is the best place to find anything associated with tea, including tables, tea sets, and a wide variety of teas.


Liulichang in the south of Beijing is a great place for Chinese antiques. Buyers should be aware that authentic antiques over 100 years old display a red wax seal. An export licence must be issued in order to take these out of the country.


Avoid shopping trips on evenings and weekends, as the crowds can be overwhelming. Shops in Beijing are open daily from 9am to 8pm and there is no sales tax.

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