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What to see in Tianxingshan National Forest Park

Heavy Broad-leaved Forest

The car park is well-known not only for its wonderful organic landscapes China tour deals, but also for its different community and conventional features, such as its amazing conventional websites, community customs and other locations, such as Longjing Weblink, which is considered the No.1 most dangerous link in south southeast China providers, Kangli Traditional Road, historical archway team, historical archway pavilion, rock tablets at Longjing Weblink, the Pingjiang Opera performed in genuine local language, Luantan Opera and Foochow Opera.

Ancient Longjing

Bridge Attractive Position Area: 1152.9 hectares. Regional coordinates: E119°10’06”-119°13’11,” N26°52’16”-26°53’58”. Four borders: The border between Pingnan Country and Jiaocheng Area of Ningde City in the southeast, Hengkeng in the southeast, Gudakeng in the european and the feet of Lazhu Hill in the northern.

Xianshan Songhai Attractive Area

Area: 709 hectares. Regional coordinates: E118°41’05”-118°43’12,” N26°51’43”-26°54’21.” Four borders: The border of Shuizhuyang City, Pingnan Country China tour packages in the southeast, the border between Pingnan Country and Gutian Country in the southeast, the border between Pingnan Country and Jian’ou City in the european, and the northern border of Ouyuan Lake in the northern.

Zhuobi Peak

Located at the huge "S" flip of Jinzhao Flow in the Longjing Weblink Attractive Position China Educational tours, the mountain is unique at the top and round at the end, like a massive pen. It improves 383.2m above sea stage, and its relative size difference is more than 120m. The well-known line, "the share is the inkslab, the sky is the papers, and brilliant environment appear under the pen" describes the amazing appeal of Zhuobi The best possible.

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Travel Guide - China Century Altar

The China Century Altar is located in the Fu Xing Lu, Hai Dian District, just west of the Chinese People′s Military Museum China travel deals. The altar, with a combination of both oriental and contemporary architectural features, aims to promote a nationalistic spirit with an original style representing hope for the future. The altar is a grand structure that combines the spirit of traditional Chinese culture with modern architectural standards. The altar also integrates the architectural design with landscaping, sculpture, mural painting and various other art forms.

On the extended western line of Chang′an Avenue, it covers an area of 450,000 square meters. The altar is mainly composed of the Sacred Fire Square, Bronze Path, Main Altar, relief sculpture symbolizing 56 ethnic groups, Century Bell and Culture Square Beijing tours, etc.

China Century Altar is built to welcome the new century.

In its Art Hall there are Circular Gallery of Carving of Chinese Cultural Celebrities, Century Hall, Oriental Art Gallery Travel to Beijing, Western Art Gallery, Modern Art Gallery and Media Digital Art Gallery.

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Travel Guide - Yellow Crane Tower & Heptachord Terrace

Yellow Crane Tower

As one of the most famous and spectacular Towers in China the Yellow Crane Tower China travel deals is a must to visit. Originally built in 223 A.D during the Three Kingdoms Period as a Wu Kingdom military tower. The tower has been destructed several times and is today placed one kilometre (0,6 mile) from its original site.

The tower is today 52 metres high with five stores and the architecture of the existing tower is from the Qing Dynasty and it was completed first in 1985. Placed on the top of Snake Hill you have a 360 degree view from the top of the tower over Wuhan and a magnificent view northwards over thegreat Yangtse (Chanjiang) River. On the first floor you find a description that made the tower well known throughout China, written by Cui Hao, a famous poet of Tang dynasty (618-907). The tower has fascinated poets through the centuries, only in the Qing dynasty, as many as 300 poems were written about the tower.

Heptachord Terrace

Heptachord Terrace, also named Boya Terrace China tour packages, is located on the bank of Moon Lake, western foot of Tortoise Hill in Hanyang district.

Story goes that Yu Boya used to be a famous musician in Chu kingdom during the spring and Autumn Period (770 - 476 B.C.). Although good at musical instrument China Travel Destinations, he was always depressed for few people can keenly comprehend his music. One day, on his way back to his country after a diplomatic mission, he was blocked here by a sudden heavy rain. When it cleared up, Yu Boya played a piece of music. Zhong Ziqi, a woodcutter, understood quite well the message conveyed in Boya's music - a vivid description of mountains and rivers, then traced the music and found Yu Boya. Thus the two became bosom friends. One year later, when Ziqi died, Boya, knowing there would be no one else to appreciate the beauty of his music, smashed his lute in grief and never again played music. Later people built this terrace in memory of the friends.

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