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Where is Tianhong Resort?

Tianhong Hotel is situated in Yalong Bay National Hotel, Sanya. It is a store resort in which every space encounters seaside with full seaview window China vacation packages, enclosed by exotic plants, the river and the hill in the back. There are huge balconies in most areas and you can use online absolutely 100 % free in your space. Tianhong Hotel provides all kinds of features such as swimming-pool, online bar, reading space, shop, karaoke, kids team, gym, pool and poker & poker site. Warm and customized service will cause you to experience at home.

The B building of Tianhong Hotel China land tours started out business on Sep.1, 2008. Every space is huge which consumes fifty rectangle metres at least. You can watch both seaview and lakeview simultaneously in the space. When you get out of the lift, there are only two areas in the same floor which are near by the lift. There is IT control system in every space. Comfortable housing, attribute delicacies and habitat Tianhong Hotel provided will bring you a amazed joy and memorable vacation. You can still appreciate seaside, diving, then take a bath spa and use the locker absolutely 100 % free after check out if the flight is too late so that you can appreciate more happy time on the seaside to avoid waiting much more period of time in the airport. There are multi-functional meeting space and VIP salon. The seaside is only for the hotel’s visitors and it is comfort, on which there are wood made umbrellas and seats.

Tianhong Hotel is situated in a five moments walk from the underwater sports team known as Marine World and is five to ten moments drive from the two programs in Yalong Bay China tour operator. You’ll experience rest and 100 % free in the relaxing and enjoyment features with your close relatives.

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Get to know Langshan Mountain

Located in Xingning Nation, Shaoyang City China tourism, Hunan Region, the picturesque place has a large place protected with stone structures called "Crimson Glow"-a unusual topographic feature in the world. Huge stones of dark red color of repulsive types present visitors a outstanding vision. The Langshan Hill hills are protected with bamboo bedding groves, where various kinds of parrots live. It is separated into five parts known as respectively Violet Shine Land, Fuyi Stream, Camel Optimum, Ox Nasal area Adventure and Octagonal in shape Adventure.

Langshan Hill is a universe of sequence Danxia landforms with group structrue, which shows is essential morphological development China vacation packages, development and progress from early stone statue and segmentation to late deterioration morphology.

langshan Hill features fascinating and strong positive-landform China tour operator as well as attractive and stylish negative-landform, which types various and unitized beat to merge inflexibility with producing, to merge variety with convenience, to merge vividness with orderliness.

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The general information on Shentang Valley

The Shentang Place China travel service is located in Fangezhuang Town, Huairou Region, about 60 kilometers (37 miles) from city China. Its scenery is a mixture of extreme hills, obvious rich waters, rough hills and uncommon rock structures. The air here is breathtaking. The historical Hongluo Forehead is close by as is the spectacular Mutianyu Excellent Walls. The focal point of this picturesque area is a deep green pond.


About seventy-five percent of the valley is protected by plants, and this delivers its moderate environment and excellent air quality China vacation packages. Temperature ranges are light during the hot seasons. It is still warm enough, however, for visitors to swimming, boat or play in the natural obvious rises.


Shentang's hills are high with increasing hills and uncommon rock structures. Some of the structures look like turtles and silver eagles - others look like caps. All of the forms are unique, natural and unchanged by man. A close by village is well known for its two wide pieces of marble shaped normally over the years by dropping rainfall. Both of these stones look extremely like rock falls.


This picturesque area also has many traditional sites China tour operator. The most important is the spectacular Excellent Walls which gusts of wind through the valley. This area of the wall has more than thirty shining example systems. It was built during the Ming Empire (1368-1644) and is extremely well-preserved.

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