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Taste The Dai FoodYunnan Bronze Masterpieces - A Local "History Book"

Where bronze China tour deals ware was first unearthed from the Shang-dynasty tomb of Fuhao in Henan Province, scholars conducted studies and discovered that ores used to produce part of the bronze ware were not from the Central Plains of China but from Yunnan.

The Yunnan bronzes are unique because the ancient Yunnan people did not have any written language then. Therefor, they used sculpture and carved patterns to show their life and religious beliefs. In some ways, the bronze objects, including these articles daily use, can be considered a "history book" of Yunnan.

The ancient kingdom of Dian had a territory centred around the Dianchi Lake and stretching out to the central and eastern parts of today's Yunnan. It existed from the 5th century B.C. to early 1st century.

In 1955 and 1960, scholars from the Yunnan provincial Museum China shopping made excavations on four occasions at Shizhaishan near Jinning. From 50 ancient tombs, they obtained more than 4,800 cultural relics, the overwhelming majority of which were bronzes. In 1972 and 1991, the Yunnan provincial Museum and the Yunnan provincial Institute of Cultural Relics and Archaeology twice made excavations at Lijiashan in Jiangchuan County. Here, 85 ancient tombs were found and 4,000 bronze objects unearthed. Over 1,000 pieces of bronze ware have been discovered from over 20 burial grounds of the Dian State. The people had mastered such complicated bronze processing techniques as gilding and inlay with gold or silver.For instance, the Escorting Captives Gilded Decorative Buckle depicts two armed soldiers escorting two captives and three animals.In the Bronze Board of Bull and Tiger, the blood vessels on the bull's head are clearly portrayed to produce a sence of strength, while the tiger, biting at its tail, is also shown in great detail.

On the lid of the Battle Scene Shell UtensilChina Holidays used for storing shell money, unearthed at Shizhaishan, is cast a scene of battle with 13 human figures, each vividly depicted. On each side of the Cavelryman Herding Oxen Shell Utensil is a tiger-shaped handle. On the lid is a gilded barefoot cavalryman armed with a sword to protect the four oxen. Another masterpiece is the Umbrella-holding Bronze Figurine whose facial expression, haiestyle and costumes are all clearly portrayed.

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Explore Yalong Bay with your family

Pearl-white beaches and swaying palms greet visitors to China's tropical paradise China vacation deals. Whether sipping coconut milk as the clean ocean water laps at your feet or floating through a coral jungle, Sanya is the place to go if the words "beach, sun and fun" comes to mind.

One of the best beaches in Hainan is 28km southeast of Sanya at Yalong Bay. This 7km long crescent shaped beach is one long strip of clean white sand bordered rolling blue waters and luxury hotels. The pristine waters off this beach are amazingly clear with underwater visibility up to 10m. This lends itself to great scuba diving and snorkeling, two of the most popular activities. For those who aren't inclined to get wet, boats with glass bottoms sail the waters off the beach allowing an equally impressive view of life under the sea. Speed demons can go for rides on motorboats or rent jet skis and zip over the waves. For something not involving water, take to the air for a seagull-eye-view of the beach by going parasailing What & Where to buy in China.

When southerners head to China's frozen northeast to catch the snow sculptures and ice lanterns in the winter, the northerners' stream south to Hainan Province for Sanya's sun drenched beaches and luxuriant jungles. On the southern most point of China's southern most province, when the rest of China freezes in frigid winters, Yalong Bay Holidays in China remains balmy and sun worshippers strut down the beach in speedos and bikinis digging their toes into the white sand. It's hard to imagine that this holiday paradise was once considered a place of exile. Disgraced officials were as far away as possible and this steamy island on the edge of imperial China represented the end of the world.

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Travel Experience to Hongcun Village

Hongcun Village lies in Yixian County, set against the extending part of the Yellow Mountain Huangshan travel guide . This village is a key historical monument under state protection, a historic and cultural village of China, and one of China’s top 10 most beautiful villages. In 2000, it together with Xidi Village, was included in the World Heritage List by the UNESCO.

The construction of Hongcun Village began in the southern Song Dynasty (1127 – 1279). Now the village contains 140 ancient buildings of the 14th to 19th century. Its water-supply system is quite unique, environmentally-friendly and surprisingly well-preserved. The village China tour deals , which is regarded as having being built according to the principle of bionics, is in the shape of cattle: the mountain, by which the village stands, is the head; the trees on it are the horns; the bridges are the four hoofs; and the houses themselves constitute the body. It is indubitably a wonder among World Cultural Heritage sites. Due to such a scientific design, the local villagers are able to enjoy many conveniences in their daily lives. More importantly, a hardly-won harmony between man and nature has been realized here, and as a result the whole community seems to be brimming with life. This is why Hongcun Village is much more popular than its counterparts.

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