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Learn somethinga about Heilongjiang

Are you a snow kind of person? If you like snow then you should visit Heilongjiang last minute China travel deals, a province, which brings you the wonderful scenery of northeast China. You will have chance to enjoy the national Ski Festival and Ice Festival held every year, and also the culture in the famous music town Harbin. Harbin, famous for its name 'Ice City', is the administrative center of the Heilongjiang Province.


Heilongjiang is located at north most of China and has an area of more than 460,000 square kilometers (177,607 square meters). It borders the provinces of Inner Mongolia to the west, Jilin to the south and Russia on the northeast. Historically it was one of the main gateways from China to Russian and Europe.


Ethnic Minority Groups


With a population of over 36.8 million, there are about 35 ethical groups living in Heilongjiang Public China Holidays. Among them the most characteristic ethical groups are Hezhe fishermen, Ewenki Hunters and Daur ethnical group, who raises mainly cattles. Their life styles are very different from each others. So if you are interested, you might feel free to spend time with them.


When to go


In summer, if you go to Heilongjiang, you will feel cool and comfortable. Average temperature is around 18C to 23C in July. It's definitely a summer resort. In winter, you will experience harsh and extreme cold. Winter in Heilongjiang is long, cold and dry. In January, average temperature is about -31C to -15C, and the record low temperature was -52.3C. So wrap up before you go, or purchase the fine quality leather hats, overcoats and shoes there to keep you warm. Annual average rainfall is 250 to 700 millimeters (9.8 to 27.56 inches), so the crops grow well and the typical northeast foods are dumplings, bread and sausages.


What to see


Of course, there is more than just cold. You can visit the snow resort. Wu Da Lian Chi, the natural volcano garden of the world. In this unique land witness the volcanoes' ravage to the Heilongjiang Province China travel service. Jing Po Lake, the largest mountain lake in China, has a particular and wonderful Diao Shui Lou waterfall; In the arctic pole village Mohe, you may be fortunate to see aurora borealis.



The national Ski Festival is a wonderful program for those who like skiing; and the national Ice Festival displays the exquisite art of ice carvings and its elegant masterpieces. Both festivals are held annually from December to January. During the famous Summer Concerts in Harbin you will hear the most beautiful music in the world, especially the Chinese classical music. All this is pleasing to all both your eyes and ears.

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Learn something about Xinjiang Regional Museum

Xinjiang Regional Museum is a comprehensive historical museum in China. Xinjiang Regional Museum last minute China travel deals was originally established in 1953 as part of nearby People's Park, but was rebuilt and greatly enlarged at its current location in 1962. The current museum, which is built in a semi-modern style that compounds traditional architecture borrowed from the region's ethnic minorities, especially the ethnic Uyghurs. It is a very solid structure with a dome that stands 30 meters (33 yards) high and which offers one of the best views of the city of Urumqi.

In total there are over 50,000 items in the collection. These not only represent the ethnic lifestyle and humanity of the region but also illustrate its revolutionary spirit. With such an abundance of items on display, the exhibition is widely acknowledged for its comprehensive and informative nature both at home and abroad.

The highlight of display Shopping in China is the ancient corpses, for it was in this region that a great number of ancient and well preserved remains were discovered. These are quite different from the mummies in Egypt that were created by skilled embalming procedures; the Xinjiang corpses were dried by the particular natural environment. In all there are twenty-one specimens in the collection and include men, women, lovers, and generals. The 'Loulan beauty' is among the best preserved and famous ones in the museum. The 'Loulan beauty' has a reddish brown skin, thick eyelashes, charming large eyes, and long hair. This particular 'charming' corpse has survived for an estimated 4,000 years.

The displayed items include folk costumes (both everyday clothing as well as dress costumes), hunting and farming implements and various other tools, as well as sundry items that might make up the household of a typical villager in Xinjiang. Those items related to religious practices, courtship and marriage, and the celebration of important festivals, the idea being to provide a glimpse into the life of the various ethnic groups that are represented in Xinjiang.

The historical relics include carpentries, ironwares, bronze wares, bright and beautiful brocades Public China Holidays, tomb figures, pottery, and coins, rubbings from stone inscriptions, and writings as well as weapons and so on. These give an insight into the past and show how the society of Xinjiang developed. There is even the fossil of a human head that dates back some 10,000 years.

Xinjiang Regional Museum's many regional and national treasures are a testimony to the province's broad cultural diversity, to its ancient prehistory and to its subsequent glorious history as a thriving and indispensable part of China's ancient Silk Road culture. Since many of the ancient Silk Road cities are but ruins today, with most of their interesting artifacts removed for protection (for posterity), the only way to get a full picture of what these ancient cities were like during their heyday is to pay a visit to Xinjiang Regional Museum in Urumqi. Of course, visiting the ruins of these ancient cities is an interesting if not requisite undertaking for any Silk Road aficionado; it's just that such a trip should naturally include a lengthy visit to Xinjiang Regional Museum in order to complete the picture, as it were.

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Travel Guide - Napahai Lake

Napahai Lake (Napa Hai last minute China travel deals) is 3270 meters (10,728 ft.) above sea level and covers 660 square kilometers (254 square miles). Approximately 8 kilometers northwest of Shangri-La, the lake fills up a valley surrounded on three sides by mountains which are covered in snow during winter and spring time.

There are nine caves in the northwest peak. During the rainy season, the lake expands and the water will rush through the nine holes and empty into the Jinsha River. During the dry season, the water recedes and grassland appears. In autumn, the prairie changes into a golden color and flocks of yaks, horses, sheep graze there. Rare birds such as black necked crane (Grus nigricollis), bar-headed goose and mallard flock to the area for winter.

A peak on the northwest side of the lake contains nine caves. During the rainy season, the lake expands and the water Shopping in China will rush through the nine holes and empty into the Jinsha River. During the dry season, the water recedes and grasslands appear. In autumn, the prairie changes into a golden color and flocks of yaks, horses, and sheep graze there. Rare birds such as the black necked crane (Grus nigricollis), bar-headed goose, and mallard flock to the area for winter. The breeding population o these exotic birds, however, is in rapid decline due to habitat loss and changing agricultural practices which have affected the availability of food.

During the dry season, children will enjoy a horseback ride as locals offer their horse China Holidays and are willing to pull you around for a reasonable fare.

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