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24 hours in Macau (2)

Afternoon: soak up the atmosphere

Catch bus 6B southwest, past Sai Van Lake, for a visit to one of the city’s most atmospheric temples affordable China travel packages – 16th-century A-Ma Temple, dedicated to the goddess of the sea and fragrant with smoke from incense coils. Linger with the worshippers and scramble to the viewpoint overlooking the entire temple.

Cross the Sai Van Bridge, which connects Macau to Taipa and Coloane islands, also settled by the Portuguese, by taking bus 21A all the way south to the sleepy seafront Coloane Village. Duck into Lord Stow’s Café, renowned among the Macanese for its take on the local speciality of pastéis de nata (custard tarts). After a stroll along the beach, take the same bus back up to Taipa Village for a wander through the narrow streets, lined with Chinese shops, temples and colonial houses. Then head east along the tree-lined esplanade of Avenida da Praia to visit the Taipa House Museum China Educational tours for a look at the restored colonial villas – former summer residences of Taipa’s affluent Macanese citizens – and to explore traditional occupations such as firework-making and fishing.

Evening: gambling dens and bird's-eye views

ou’ll be feeling pangs of hunger by this point, but fear not: Taipa Village has an excellent dining scene for such a tiny place. Try refined António for the traditional Portuguese caldo verde and baked bacalhau com natas or, for a less expensive option, check out the informal O Santos, with its Portuguese sausage, chicken casserole and grilled sardines.

Macau, the only place in China where gambling is legal, isn’t called the 'Monte Carlo of the Orient' for nothing. This means there are plenty of options for after-dinner entertainment. The Cotai Strip that connects Taipa with Coloane is lined with casinos and luxury hotel/casino complexes, so you could head there to catch the House of Dancing Water show at the City of Dreams, followed by a night with the high rollers at the blackjack and poker tables of the Venetian – the world’s largest casino. Alternatively, if you felt that Fort Guia wasn’t high enough, take bus 26 from Taipa Village north to the 338m-tall Macau Tower China Photography Tours on the Macau Peninsula and get whisked to the observation deck on the 58th floor for unforgettable 360-degree views of the glittering Macau skyline. If you’re an adrenaline fiend, launch yourself off the outdoor deck on the 61st floor by means of the world’s highest bungee jump, or else stroll its exposed perimeter with nothing but a harness keeping you from the abyss.

A more relaxing way to finish the evening is to kick back with a cocktail and a view at Sky 21 Lounge, a short bus or taxi hop up Avenida Doutor Stanley Ho, or else by heading east along Avenida Dr Sun Yat Sen to the NAPE harbourfront nightlife district, where you can take your pick of stylish or casual nightspots.

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Travel Guide - Cao Xueqin Memorial Hall

hall is inside Beijing Botanic Garden at the foot of Fragrant Mountain China vacation deals. Cao Xueqin is China's great master in literature in 18th century. His masterpiece named A dream of red mansions is renowned throughout the world.

The memorial hall is a rectangle courtyard surrounded by low walls. There are 18 rooms in architectural style of Qing Dynasty at the front and the back rows. The front exhibition rooms display the living environment of the eight-banner people living in Qing Dynasty, the creation environment of Cao Xueqin at Xishan, discoveries about Cao's life experiences in the past two centuries, and relevant books and articles. The six back exhibition rooms mainly display the life experiences of Cao Xueqin and the influences of A dream of red mansions. The exhibits include old fashioned square table for eight people, chests and trunks, porcelains and other religious wares, silver lock, hand warmer, and horsetail whisk that appear in the novel. In addition, the museum Student tours to China specially opens a room for the exhibitions on research achievements on Cao Yueqin and various versions of A dream of red mansions.

Further Information:

Address: Huangye Village inside Beijing Botanic Garden

Bus Route: Bus No. 737, 904, 331, 833, 360, 854, special 6, 112

Opening Hours: 8: 00--16: 30 (winter 8: 30--16: 00)

Admission Fee: 5 Yuan, 2 Yuan for students and senior citizens with relevant proofs.

Tel: 8610-62591561-2028, 8610-62595904

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Travel Guide - Beijing Yushengtang Herbal Medicine Museum

The museum houses over 3,000 pieces of collection, among which include a statue of Shennong (a legendary ruler of ancient China who introduced agriculture and herbal medicine China tour deals) in Ming Dynasty mottled color camouflages on rusty iron hooks, statue of the medical king on an old-style medicine-chest, and wooden medicine boxes on counters.

One can envision the bustling business of the drugstore with its golden and silver medical utensils, old account books as well as rare herbal medicines like fossil fragments Student tours to China with inscriptions of the Shang Dynasty arranged as they were in the past.

From the "nine needles" and stone needles in the Eastern Zhou Dynasty when the Classic of Internal Medicine was compiled, to the big black vat for producing medicine, you can trace Chinese medical science back to ancient times. The fossil fragments with inscribed characters of the Shang Dynasty, bamboo slips of the Han Dynasty, the prescriptions for Emperor Tongzhi of the Qing Dynasty, and herbal samples with a history of more than 100 years, indicate the countless ties between the Chinese herbal medicine and the traditional culture. The vicissitudes of the drugstore and the 6000-year-old history of ancient Chinese medicine have been reflected through these collections.

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