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Travel Experience to The Ancient City of Dunhuang Movie Set

The Old City of Dunhuang is also called Dunhuang Film City, resembling Shazhou City last minute China travel deals of Song Dynasty. A preparation for Sino-Japan's co-filming of Dunhuang, the city was modeled after Shazhou City and the long painting scroll Going Up the River at Qingming Festival. In the city, tourists can still find the imitations of ancient constructions, such as Dunhuang governor's apartment, temples, stores, shops, hotels, restaurants, residential houses and so on. It is another historical interest and filming base in Dunhuang. Over 10 films and TV plays have been produced in the Old City of Dunhuang, which include Dunhuang and Fengshenbang.

Dunhuang Movie Set, also known as Modeled Shazhou Town of Song Dynasty (960-1279), is about 25 kilometers (15.5 miles) southwest of Dunhuang City. The town, covering an area of 12,700 square meters (3.1 acres) was originally designed for the setting of the historical film Dunhuang in 1987. The film was made in cooperation with Japan and the set reproduced the layout and construction on a part of the famous scroll painting Qingming Shanghe Tu (The Outing at Bian River Yangtze River touron Qingming Festival).

The town presents its majestic appearance in the vast Gobi bearing a rich flavor of the west regions of China. Fully representing the military importance of the western regions in the Tang (618-907) and Song Dynasties, the complex here can give one an impression that the clock has turned backwards to ancient times. Gates are erected on the east, south and west sides of the town. The five main streets, namely the Gaochang, Dunhuang, Ganzhou, Xingqing and Bianliang, criss-cross each other inside the town. Various constructions with distinct characteristics of the Song Dynasty are scattered along the streets, housing arcades, temples, hockshops, warehouses, pothouses, restaurants, dwelling houses and so on.

Taking full advantage of its uniqueness for making movies with a military theme best tours of China, the site has become the biggest set for shooting movies in northwest China. More than twenty films and television series have been produced here, apart from the movie Dunhuang so far. You might be surprised to recognize the familiar scenes from one of your favorite movies when you are strolling around the town. So be prepared for the unexpected!

Dunhuang Movie Set is very interesting both for its historical value for putting the vision of the ancient west China into perspective and for its important role in movie-making industry.

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Yuanmingyuan offers visitors a feast of lotuses


Yuanmingyuan, also known as the Old Summer Palace last minute China travel deals, celebrated its 19th annual Lotus Festival on June 25th, 2014. During this two-month feast of lotuses, over 400 varieties of lotuses will be on display across 70 hectares of park space. The annual Yuanmingyuan Lotus Festival is one of the largest festivals of its kind and it has been listed as one of Beijing's top ten tourism and cultural activities.

At this very moment, the lotus flowers at Yuanmingyuan are in full bloom. The green lotus leaves stretch toward the horizon and the pink blossoms magnetize visitors with their delicate beauty. Even early Monday morning, the lotus festival still attracted a large number of local residents and tourists.

However, the Yuanmingyuan Lotus Festival best tours of China offers far more than flowers. The festival features a variety of activities, such as a lotus-themed photo competition, an exhibition about lotus culture, as well as an imitation performance showing how Qing Dynasty emperors took part in ritualistic boat rides to appreciate the lotuses.

For this particular year, lotus flowers from different parks across Beijing will be "competing" in a beauty contest. Lotus flowers from Beihai Park, the Black Bamboo Park, the Lotus Pond Park, the Baiyang Lake Lotus Park, and Taoranting Park will all be subjected to judges' scrutiny. The pink and white "contestants" from the different parks will be collected and displayed at the Old Summer Palace's Hanqiu Pavilion, where the winner will be chosen.

In Chinese culture China travel guide, lotus flowers represent a unique kind of beauty distinct from other flowers like peonies or chrysanthemums. In the past, Chinese men of letters regarded the lotus as a symbol of virtue: the flowers grow bright and beautiful despite their origins in the muddy pond. Lotuses are a recurring theme in many Chinese poems and paintings.

Don't miss your date with true virtue and beauty at Yuanmingyuan. The festival will conclude on August 31st.

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Get to know Xihai Sceneic Area

West Sea Scenic Area is the best place for viewing the sea of clouds and the sunset on Huangshan Mountain China tour deals. Here, the beautiful peaks and ancient pines leave visitors awe-struck. The clouds and mist clinging to the peaks are ever changing making the many peaks appear like small islands in a sea of clouds. As the sun sets, the whole canyon is bathed in light, and the ridges, the peaks take on multicolored hues. It is really a spectacular sight!

Descending Brightness Apex, one comes to the West Sea via a newly opened tourist route. A mystical Rock Flying From Afar first comes into sight, with a huge 10 meter high rock weighing 600 tons standing on it. Passing several peaks nearby, visitors arrive at the Cloud-dispelling Pavilion where one commands an excellent view of the unfolding scene China best tours.

There stand in front of the pavilion a sea of variously shaped peaks that inspire all sorts of fairy imagination.These architectural wonders of the nature turn the whole West Sea into a natural art gallery. When the sun sets, the whole valley basks in a myriad of sun rays, becoming a famous scene of the Yellow Mountains. Equally impressive is the 1,712 meter high Rosy Clouds Peak behind the Cloud-dispelling Pavilion. Standing on the peak, one can watch the sun rising above the cloud and Rock Flying From Afar and Nine Dragon Peak in all their grandeur.

The West Sea, long known as the Mystery Valley for the many clusters of peaks and the fathomless depth of the valley, has been opened up as the White Cloud Stream Scenic Area. The seven kilometer long newly paved staircase extends from the Hook Bridge Nunnery inside the West Gate of the Yellow Mountains, across the bottom of the valley, and reaches the newly built Heavenly Sea Pavilion at the Heavenly Sea China travel guide. Tourists may go to Qianxun Falls via the Hook Bridge Nunnery and the Shy Spring. The highest falls in the Yellow Mountains, Qianxun Falls have a drop of 140 meters, and is ice free all the year round. The falls thunder can be heard at Swan Rock near the brook and one can also have a near look on the "Immortal Walking on Stilts". Passing the Dropping Spring and the Lucky Cloud Bridge, one comes to the Dispelling Cloud Pavilion. Then, a twisting path leads one through Immortal-walking Bridge and to the Goddess Flower Bed and finally to the Central Sea Pavilion at the Heavenly Sea. On the way, one can watch pines in all kinds of odd shapes.

The West Sea Scenic Area will fire visitor's imaginations when looking down into the mysterious canyon, listen to the wind whispering in the pines, and bathing in the ever-changing mist.

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