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Cooking beside the Li River

Last week, my friends, colleague and I went to my hometown, Xingping affordable China tours

This was the place we choose and very good location without sunshine. Good for girls :) We got up around 8 a.m. and get everything prepared around 0930 a.m. We were so excited and looking forwards to it. The view was also breathtaking!

We went out to find some fire woods, and got the stove ready. The fire was on and we began to cook! These were the pictures showing the first step. What was inside the boiler? The answer is Rice! Nice look, isn’t it?

The main course top 10 China tours was the tomato with chicken! We fried the chicken into golden color first with a pan, and then we put all tomatoes, peppers and gingers into the boiler and made all sauces come out. Smell good :)

After the tomatoes were well cooked, we put the chicken into the boiler and mix them together. After several minutes, we added some waters into it (Farmers’ Mountain Spring, tastes a little sweatJ). The procedure was very simple but I liked this dish so much. Although this was the first time I tried to cook it, I have confidence in our teamwork :)

Then we wait, wait and wait. After around 20 minutes, I opened the cover and everybody was so excited to see what they saw at that monument popular China travel package. The look was good, smell was good, and the last step was to make the tastes good :)

This was very successful and enjoyable time to all of us, and thanks to everyone’s hard work, we finally made it. Of course, we will not leave any rubbish behind to make our lovely Li River dirty. Here we are! See you next time :)

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My Longji Terraced Fields Trekking Trip

As soon as we arrived in Guilin airport then took the airport shuttle bus, we got to Guilin City affordable China tours within one hour from the airport. No stop in Guilin, we bought the tickets from Guilin to Longsheng, and after two hours we reached Longsheng County.

Sky began to darken slowly, we decided transfer to Longji Terraced Fields directly. The entrance fee of Longji is RMB50/P.P, the bus climbed about half way up a hill, we need to change bus- scenic spot’s shuttle bus. The exchange fee is RMB30/P.P. After 11 kilometre‘s climbing, we reached Ping’an village which is the most famous Longji rice terraced fields located in. we stayed at a small hotel which was made by wood. There were a TV and a separated bathroom in our bedroom. And the price was very cheap; what is more, the hotel was closed to the best platform for appreciating the scenery. It means we can stay at a suitable place and see the sunrise at the first time. So we went to sleep after we finish the dinner.

We woke up in the morning and the sky was still black. Look out of the window, we prayed today will be a good day. I walk slowly to the attraction and no anybody else except me. I reached the platform. The Terraced Fields became withered and yellow in winter.

I went ahead and met a business man. He said that if I can go to Dazhai village top 10 China tours, I can see the most beautiful terraced fields. I asked:"How to get Dazhai village?" he said: “ it will cost 3 hours from here to Dazhai by walking.” But I didn’t go. The next day I decided to go to Dazhai village. The girl who is selling crafts in scenic spots is so surprised when she knew me will go to Dazhai. She laugh and said:“Are you sure that you will go to Dazhai? Be careful! There are wolf on the road! she-wolf..." I said:“There is no wolf if you don’t turn up”And then I set foot on the road to Dazhai village.

Looking at the spectacular terraces fields at Ping’an village, I really feel that in order to survive they reclaimed those wasteland which now really become works of art. In the acts of forward, I met three person – they are red-minority people who come from Zhongliu village. They came to Ping’an village to do the business of selling some trinkits. There was no highway at Zhongliu village, no car, no carriage, no bicycles, nor the cart, the only traffic was walking. The basket on the back is the tool which can loading everything. One of them want to be my guide to show me the way but I rejected. He on one side was follow me and the otherside was telling me the road was how difficult to walk, and how many branches were. And he can guide me as long as I pay him RMB20. Finally I pay him to be my guide. We went forward and passed through their village – Zhongliu village popular China tour package. And I bough Two bottles of water - RMB3/bottle.

The terrace fields at Dazhai village were really more spectacular. Looking at those terrace fields on the hillside, I really fount that I was so small. The old Red-minority women are doing the crafts.

A short stop, I began to return. It cost me 3 hours from Ping’an village to Dazhai village. We came back to Zhongliu village, and I asked my guide to go home and I began to walk alone. In the village I met a enthusiastic people. He asked me to tast oil-tea at home.

There was a old tradition of Red- minority people that the girls when they grow up to eighteen need to cut their hair and from then on they will never cut the hair anymore. And the hair which be cut also need to disk on head. This was the hair which was never be threw away.

It was 5pm when I came back to Ping’an village,the sky was getting dark. And I came back to the hotel and finished my whole day Trekking.

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Impression of Wuzhen Water Town

Last year, in the cold winter, my colleagues and I took a short visit to Wuzhen Water Town affordable China tours, one of the 4 grand Ancient Towns of Yangtze area.

Wuzhen in winter is quiet, pure and low-keyed, but the view is so different when you travel there in an early summer time.

The whole town is built along the rivers, while the river courses crisscrossed in the town. Approaching to the water is always a good idea to avoid the summer heat. So it is a nice summer resort.

As a famous tourist destination top 10 China tours, you may find many stores, restaurants and tea houses are built along the river bank, however, they fit well, and seem to blend into the surroundings. Less peddles, no many tourists, it is a place to let go of your mind.

The whole town has been divided into two sections, the East Gate and West Gate. East Gate has well kept its original look and plain folk custom, while West Gate area is more commercialized in recent years.

Anyway, take a leisure stroll along the bluestone alleys will be a good way to appreciate the peaceful atmosphere of this town, which is so far away from the busy and noisy city. Time is a little bit solidifying here.

Like many ancient towns and cities, you can find many nameless hutong and alleys hidden behind the main streets, quiet and even have a run-down looking.

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