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Learn the story of Emperor GeSaer

Emperor GeSaer is a folk epic work that is popular in the residence area of the ethnic groups such as Zang, Meng, Naxi and so on in the Tibetan Plateau of China. It has been sung for a thousand years. By means of oral transmission, the epic narrates the glorious achievements of the hero Emperor GeSaer after he was befell in the world of man. Characterized by long history, magnificent structure and abundant contents, it is the crystallization of the nomadic culture of the grassland affordable China tours.

Emperor GeSaer goes like this: long long ago, there were successive natural disasters and man-made calamity, and demons were rampant, all of which brought about misery to human beings. For the purpose of saving the mass, the Guanyin Bodhisattva who is renowned for her kindness pleaded to Buddha for sending a god to descend to the world to fight demons and save the people. The god is Emperor GeSaer. The author of the epic endowed him with special characters and distinguished talents and molded him into a half-man-and-half-god hero top 10 China tours that is the combination of god, dragon and thought. After befalling in the world of man, Emperor GeSaer fought demons and got rid of a lot of monsters and did many good things for the people. He also repressed the evil strong powers and helped the weak. Finally, he united all the tribes. At last, Emperor GeSaer who had completed all the tasks commissioned by Buddha returned to heaven, together with his mother, wife, etc.

Emperor GeSaer is a heroic epic that was born and developed on the basis of the folk literature as ancient myths and legends, poems, proverbs, etc. of the Zang ethnics. It represents the highest achievement of the folk culture of the ancient Zang and Mongolian people and oral narrative art. The epic molds more than one hundred characters of vivid personality and outstanding images. The portrait to the heroes with Emperor GeSaer as the leader is especially glaring, thus, they become the eternal representatives in the literature history of the Zang ethnic group popular China tour package.

Emperor GeSaer is the epic with the longest length of singing discovered in the world so far. It has been transmitted in many ethnic groups. In addition, it has been spread outside China, such as part of Mongolia and Russia as well as the neighboring nations and areas of China, for example India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan and so on in the south of Himalayas.

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Have an amazing time in Qiandao Lake

Living near Qiandao Lake China vacation deals, you will never be bored, as you can go peach flower-appreciating in Zhai Shang Cun for spring, go drifting in Jiulong Brook for summer, go leaves-photographing in the Gulf of Longchuan for autumn, and have tea under the sunshine on Binhu roadside for winter… The Lakers do not like to sleep late at home for weekends, instead they prefer go hiking to nearby villages, fishing beside farmhouses and biking around the lake. In a word, they love to embrace the nature’s gift!

Qiandao Lake, is a pristine lake best tours of China, with 448 square kilometers of forest area where forest coverage rate reached 81%. The dense forests purify Qiandao Lake’s first class atmosphere, the vast 573 square kilometers wide, the huge 17800000000 cubic meters of lake with an average depth of 34 meters, the transparency of up to 7 meters.

The 1078 islands included are like jade plates distinguishing themselves from the pure water, as small as a jewel, or as big as a jade pendant. The great beauty of Qinadao Lakes is a combination of gracefulness of Guilin Shanshui and and the vast magnificence of Qiandang Lake. The clear waters of Qiandao Lakes are well connected with Qiantang River, Fuchun River, and Xin’an River, thus possessing enduring vitality and livelihood. All shades of green make people intrigued in the green silk, and next glimpse, the vast blue ocean. Also the taste of the spring water is impressively cool with a hint of sweetness.

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In the Presence of a Giant at Leshan

One of its most well known is the Leshan Giant Buddha China vacation deals. Within every detail of its form, the Giant Buddha makes a profound impression carved into the side of a cliff, overseeing its three surrounding rivers. When I went to visit, I could not help but draw a comparison between this structure and one that is famous in my home country, Mount Rushmore. The main differences between these sites however, besides location, is that the Leshan Giant Buddha far surpasses Mount Rushmore in age and close-up viewing access to the public. The Buddha reaches an immense height of 233 ft. and is one of the world’s largest stone statues of the beloved deity. Construction of the Leshan Buddha dates back to the Tang Dynasty in 713 AD and took nearly ninety years to complete. The location of this grand statue was defined by the convergence of the three neighboring rivers, the Min, Dadu and Qingyi.

Throughout China’s history, the strong currents of these rivers Yangtze River tour took many lives of those who worked in this watery locale. Due to these losses, the idea was formed to create a Buddha near the waters in hopes of taming their ferocity. Remarkably enough, however, a complex drainage system was also constructed to redirect water away from the Buddha to preserve its form. To see the Buddha, visitors board tour boats that deliver you to just the right locations in order to get close as well as far away views. You also have the option of viewing the great Buddha by entering the park and scaling up the cliff side. This is the best way to get very up close photographs of the Buddha’s features, but you have to put in the work of the ascending and descending climbs in order to get to these perfect observation points. The Leshan Giant Buddha gazes out to the horizon which spans over the meeting of three rivers in the Sichuan Province. Leshan is a must-see China tour for all travelers.

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