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Travel Experience to Samye Monastery

The construction of Samye Monastery China vacation deals began in 762 AD and was completed in 779 AD. It is the first monastery in Tibet featuring Buddhist, laws and monks, where the famous debate of the doctrines between ancient Indian Buddhism and inland Buddhism happened. The monastery is modeled on the Odantapuri Temple in Bihar, India. After several dynasties’ extension, it now covers a large scale of more than 4,900 square meters.

Before “Utse” the Great Hall which combines Chinese, Tibetan and Indian architectural styles, there is a stone “stele”, which was erected to honor Trisong Detsen’s vow of his piety to Buddhism. In the monastery there is a pair of white marble statues, their shapes are simple and with a carving style of Tang Dynasty. They are the most precious remaining stone sculptures in the monastery. Besides, there is a rare bronze bell with ancient Tibetan script on it. According to the record, this is the first bell cast in Tibet.

Located at the foot of Mt. Hepo Ri, on the north bank of the Yarlung Tsangpo River Yangtze River tour of Zharang County, Samye Monastery is about 38 kilometers from Tsedang. It’s one of the main scenic spots of the state-level scenic area - the Yarlung River Scenic Area.

Taking a Lhasa-Tsedang bus in Lhasa, it’ll take you 3 hours to get to Samye ferry crossing. Or you may take a bus from Tsedang to Samye ferry crossing, about 30 kilometers long. Either route will charge you 27 Yuan per person. Then you can spend 360 Yuan to rent a ferry to cross the Yarlung Tasangpo river. You may also enjoy the fun by taking a sheepskin raft. After going ashore, you’ll spend 3 Yuan to Samye Monastery by truck.

Samye Monastery is one of the oldest Tibetan Monasteries. It was built a little later than Jokhang top China tours and the main monastery built during the first flourishing period of Tibetan Buddhism which is of great significance in the development of Tibetan culture. The monastery was once ruined by Lang Darma (Lang Darma was an ancient Tibetan King who banned Buddhism and destroyed Buddhist temples). It has been damaged throughout repeated wars and remains the present scope, which should be well cherished.

1.Bargaining with the ferry owners and drivers to make an agreed price in advance to prevent them charging more later. You can follow the same route to Samye Ferry crossing and take the Lhasa-Tsedang bus back. Or you may spend 5 Yuan to Yumbulagang by tractor. But the most convenient choice is to spend 40 Yuan to rent a motor tricycle to make a round trip. On the way back you may stop at Trandruk Monastery and then lodge in Tsedang. But you should set the price with the driver beforehand or he may asks for more later.

2. As it is a long way to go to Samye Monastery, you can consider lodging in there. There is a small hostel in the Monastery, it costs individual tourists 15 to 40 Yuan per person. There are rooms with four beds on the first floor, 30 Yuan or 40 Yuan a bed with the difference as whether there is a TV set or not. It’s unnecessary to have a TV set because you can only receive programs of one channel-Tibet-1. The rooms are very clean. There is public washroom on the first floor without running water. And the food there is not very good.

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Top Destinations to Visit in the Spring of March

Longji Terraces and Yuanyang Terraces

Longji Terraces located in Guangxi Province affordable China tours is a great scenic spot to enjoy in March. Firstly built in the ancient Yuan Dynasty, Longji Terraces have a long history. They were constructed upon the mountains, Longji Terraces have various shapes. When in the spring of March, when farmers have planted green rice seedlings, the whole terraces get revitalized. At this time, terraces have the best pleasant views in the morning. The hazy fog in the morning covers the terraces that have the color of green, yellow and red, refracted to resemble a colorful rainbow. When gentle morning sunlight shades upon the fog, the terraces becomes dazzling also eye-catching. This is why Longji Terraces have been destinations for photographers.

And the Yuanyang Terraced Fields top 10 China tours in Yunnan Province have wide reputation as art of earth. The masterpiece of Yuanyang Terraces created by the Hani People has been considered as the most mysterious earth sculpture. Around the Yuanyang Terraces is the cloudy Ailao Mountain. Whenever in March, groups of wild cherry blossoms, wild kapoks and peach blossoms bloom all over the mountain and among the terraces, while terraces become bright and lucent. In the morning or when dusk times, when the transparent terraces rendering the golden sunlight bewilder among the misty villages and clouds, you get a visual feast of magic and mysteries.

Western Sichuan Grassland

The wide Western Sichuan Grassland has early flower season compared with the northern Sichuan plateau. In the middle of March, Western Sichuan Grassland has the best views of bright rape flowers as it has relatively large area of rape flowers in mainland China. Besides the normal pastoral landscapes, the grand sceneries of rape flowers get the best at Xindu and Longquan popular China tours. When walking in the grassland, losing yourself at the pink romantic peach blossoms and yellow bright rape flowers, your camera will never miss a shot.


Hangzhou never disappoints you whichever season you go as there never lacks beautiful sceneries. But Hangzhou at spring in March is more fascinating with the blooming of enchanting peach flowers and tulips. The West Lake in spring decorated with the colorful and romantic flowers, especially the Su Causeway with the green weeping willows and romantic pink peach blossoms outstands. Spring Dawn at Su Causeway, as the first ten sceneries of West Lake, describes West Lake as a charming women wakening from the winter dream. When walking along the Su Causeway in the morning, the fresh and fragrant willows and flowers reflected in the green lake with the singing birds, this seems to be the best pleasant time in the whole life.

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Dali, Home of Bai People

Dali is a little present waiting for you after a strenuous journey by road China vacation deals. It offers a lake shore dotted with rustic villages, mountains cut with waterfalls and the relaxed atmosphere of a backpacker’s retreat.

While tourists choke its streets today, centuries before Dali was visited by flocks of foreign invaders, who coveted this little town for its favorable location near the Silk Road Silk Road tour. Legend goes that Piluoge, an 8thcentury prince from Yunnan, invited his rivals to a feast,

burnt them alive, then set out to merge six small Dali kingdoms into the powerful NanzhaoKingdom. Dali, called Taihe at the time, became capital of this powerful kingdom, which enjoyed hegemony over northern Yunnanand upper Myanmar. From here, the ruler of Nanzhao controlled the east to west trade route to Indiauntil the kingdom fell in the 13th century under the attack of the Mongol armless of Kublai Khan.

Set against the stunning mountain backdrop of Cang Shan top China tours in northwest

YunnanProvince, lackadaisical Dali holds very little to remind the visitor of its turbulent past. In the revitalized town of Old Dali, a backpacker’s paradise of cappuccinos and pizza joints alternate with traditional shops selling tea, Chinese medicine and handicrafts. The cobbled streets of the old town are filled with the patter of feet as tourists and local alike take leisurely jaunts through the small town. Be aware that the nearby town of Xiaguanis also called DaliCity. Don’t end up in the middle of Xiaguan wondering why the small town has suddenly turned into a midsized gray city.

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