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A special travel to The Revolutionary Site in Yan'an City

The Revolutionary Site in Yan'an City is in Shaanxi Province affordable China tours. Yan'an City is the famous spot of the Chinese Revolution. From 1937 to 1947, Yan'an was the locus of the Central Government of the Chinese Communist Party, and the capital of the border area of Shaanxi Province, Gansu Province and the Ningxia Autonomous Region. It was also the commanding center and the general rear area. The Revolutionary Site in Yan'an City mainly consists of Fenghuang Mountain, Yangjialing Mountain, Zaoyuan and Wangjiaping, etc. There are also the sites of Qingliangshan Mountain, Qiao'er Gou and Nanniwan.

Fenghuang Mountain and Yangjialing Mountain were where the Central Government was located consecutively. The Site at Fenghuang Mountain top 10 China tour packages is at the foot of Fenghuang Mountain inside the North Gate of Yan'an City. In January 1937, the Central Government moved here from Bao'an City. The Central Government held the Expanded Conference of the Political Bureau and the National Representative Conference successively. There is the former residence of Mao Zedong, which is a simple cave dwelling. Here he wrote masterpieces such asOn Practice,On Contradiction, andOn Protracted War. Here he met with DoctorBethune. In November 1938, the Japanese invaders had an air attack on Yan'an City. The Central Government moved to Yangjialing Mountain, which is 3 kilometers north of Yan'an City. There, the Central Government led the Anti-Japanese War, the Liberation War, the Large-scale Production Campaign, the Rectification Campaign, and held the Seventh National Congress of the Communist Party in a grand auditorium in April 1945. The building of the General Office of the Central Government is a three-storeyed building made of wood and bricks. There are also the former residences of Mao Zedong, Zhu De, Liu Shaoqi, and Zhou Enlai, etc.

The revolutionary site of Zaoyuan is 7.5 kilometers northwest of Yan'an City popular China tour package. In October 1943, the Secretary Department was moved to this place. The former residence of Mao Zedong is at the northwest with the residence of Zhang Wentian on its left, and that of Zhu De on its right. In August 1945, Mao Zedong flew to Chongqing from here, and had a peace talk with Kuomintang. The Secretary Department withdrew from Zaoyuan in March 3, 1947. The site of Wangjiaping is 4 kilometers to the northwest of Yan'an City. From January 1937 to March 1947, this was the locus of the Central Military Commission and the Headquarters of the Eighth Route Army (the People's Liberation Army). There is the former residence of Zhu De, the leader of the Central Military Commission.

The government of the border area of Shaanxi Province, Gansu Province and the Ningxia Autonomous Region is in the south of Yan'an City. In 1939, when the government was founded, there were 53 cave-dwellings and 100 bungalows built. Now three rows of concave stone cave-dwellings are preserved there.

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Travel Guide - Anyang

Lying in the northmost of Henan Province, Anyang connects three provinces namely Shanxi, Hebei and Henan with the Taihang Mountain Range in its west, the Zhanghe River Yangtze River tour in its north and the North China Plain in the southeast. Anyang is a famous cultural city with a history of more than 7,000 years. The caves of the primitive man of the Little South Sea in the western part of Anyang are the relics of the Old Stone Age 25,000 years ago. Over 7,000 stone tools used by the primitive men and some animal fossils have been unearthed. All of these won it the fame of the Little South Sea Culture. About 4,000 years ago, the two kings, Zhuan Xu and Di Ku, who stayed in power for more than 70 years separately and won the worship of the Chinese people, set up their capitals in Anyang. Today, in the area of the South Sanyang Village of Huangxian County are the tombs of the two kings.

Pangeng, King of the Shang Dynasty (17th- 11thcentury BC), moved his capital to Yin (today's Xiaotun Village affordable China tours) in the 14thcentury BC. This is the first stable capital in the Chinese history. In the past century, over 150,000 oracle bones with inscriptions, tens of thousands of bronze wares and 54 relics of the old palaces were unearthed. Areas of the palace, of the imperial tombs, of the civilians, relics of the bronze production, handicraft workshops and large sized sacrificial sites were found, among which the most famous one was the Simuwu Rectangle Ding weighing 875 kilograms. It is the biggest and heaviest bronze vessel up to now.

Belonging to the typical monsoon zone, Anyang has a pleasant climate with an average annual temperature of 14.9°C. It is warm in spring and autumn, hot in summer and cold and dry in winter.

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Cooking in Guide for Cuisin lovers

In China, there is an old proverb: "The masses regard sufficient food as their heaven". The cuisine of Guangxi Province affordable China tours is simple but extremely tasty using the amazing variety of food that is produced in this fertile area. Traveling in Guilin and enjoying the delicious food, maybe you will think: "If only I can take my love of Chinese food from the local Chinese restaurant to my kitchen!"

It is not only a dream, Yangshuo cooking class top China tours will make your dreams come true!

Yangshuo cooking class offers you the opportunity to learn how to cook real local food. Their skilled and friendly teachers who speak fluent English would love to impart the stories and secrets of Chinese cuisine to you in a friendly fun atmosphere.

They emphasise a teaching style based on actually doing rather than watching popular China tours. You will be taken to the local markets to learn about the ingredients that will use in the dishes. In the kitchen, each one of you will have an individual wok and bench, learning by doing.

The five dishes you will learn from the cooking teacher: beer fish (famous local dish), chicken with cashew nuts, steamed stuffed vegetables, eggplant with soy and oyster sauce, green vegetables with garlic.

After cooking five dishes you will eat the meal together and informally explore Chinese culture and customs. You also can exchange your dishes with each other, see whose works are the orthodox Chinese-style food.

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