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Embracing The Heavenly Beauty of Qinghai Lake

From ancient times to the present, whenever people mention Qinghai Lake affordable China tours they think of 'green lake', 'blue sea' or 'fairyland', because of the marvelous natural beauty reflected on it. The lake offers year-round pleasure.

Shaped like an ellipse, Qinghai Lake lies northwest of the imposing Qinghai Altiplano, 150 km. (93.21 miles) away from Xining city. It reaches 28.71 m. (77.79 feet) at the deepest point but averages 19 meters (62.34 feet) overall. With an altitude of 3, 195 m. (10, 482.28 feet) high, the climate surrounding is very cool. Even in the middle of the summer, the average temperature in the daytime is about 15C (59 F), which is why it is often selected as a summer resort.

Many prefer when it is a green and lively world. The mountains and grassland wear a green blanket with herds of cattle and sheep dispersed over the grassland. The bank is connected with stretching farmlands, which is prospering with blooming rape flowers and rolling with wheat waves, sending blasts of fragrance to the lake.

While in autumn, going cycling in Qinghai Lake is a good choice. When the cold winter comes, the world becomes a bit quieter and duller, but the glamour of Qinghai Lake doesn't diminish much. At this time, the leaf-yellow mountains put on a new suit of clothes as they become blanketed with new-fallen snow. The snow and ice covered surface of the lake shines brightly in the sun, adding another degree of beauty top 10 China tours. The famous 'Icy Fish' are very easy to catch at this time because they are confined by the ice. An interesting fact is that when a hole is dug in the ice, it is easy to trick the fish out of the water.
The water here is very limpid, which reflects the pretty green mountains in the deep like a mirror.

The color changes with time and varies in different depth of the lake, which produces a sense of mystery, hence the name 'Seven-Colored Lake'. As a result of the teeming fish, the mouth of the nearby river has a yellow color to it as the fish float close to the surface. Many birds are also attracted to this beautiful lake and bountiful surroundings, resulting in this place being a kingdom for birds' watchers.

The famous spots here are Haixin Shan (Hill of the Sea Heart), Shadao (Sand Island) and Niaodao (Bird Island), which are all islands in the lake. Each has their own wonders.

Haixin Shan popular China tours, also called 'Immortal Hill', has temples, lucid springs and green grassland on the island. It is said that Emperor Yang of Sui Dynasty (581-618) had particularly ordained officials to raise horses here. Shadao is famous for its sand scenery, which is also a good place for swimming. Niaodao is the kingdom of birds, which can amount to more than 10 thousand in the summer.

Qinghai Lake is really a good place for travelers. Apart from embracing the heavenly beauty here, you can either stroll on the grass or ride on a yak, climb the sand hill or visiting the historic remains left on the Tang-Tubo ancient road or the Silk Road. If you are more sociable, the hospitable local people will warmly welcome you as you visit their homes and enjoy a taste of the Tibetan life. In addition, tents and various delicious foods are provided for the tourists in the pastures.

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Yang Guifei in Huaqing Pool

Huaqing Pool or the Huaqing Hot Springs Xian sightseeing are a complex of hot springs located in an area characterized by mild weather and scenic views at the northern foot of Mount Li, one of the three major peaks of the Qin Mountains. Situated at the northern foot of Mt. Lishan in Lintong County, 30 kilometers (18.6 miles) from Xian City, Huaqing Hot Spring (also called Huaqing Pool) is famed for both its dainty spring scenery and the romantic love story of Emperor Xuanzong (685-762) and his concubine Yang Guifei in the Tang Dynasty (618-907). Its long history and location among the wonderful landscapes should entice any visitor to visit and take a bath here.

The first pleasure to experience is to have a bath in the imitational Guifei Pool. With an even temperature of 43 degree, the ever-flowing water here contains minerals and organic materials that have therapeutic effects on the skin. Water originating from four spring reaches a discharge level of 112 tons per hour. In the bath pool, you can experience the same comfort as did the Emperor Xuanzong or Yang Guifei.

The site also features a long documented history China guide of almost three millennia, having served as the location for several palaces built during the reigns of past Chinese dynastic rulers, including King You of the Zhou Dynasty, Qin Shi Huang of the Qin Dynasty, and an expanded version by Wu Han of the Han Dynasty. It was built in 723 by Emperor Xuanzong of the Tang Dynasty as part of the Huaqing Palace, using the locally-occurring geothermal heating, and is famous as the supposed scene of Xuanzong's romance with his consort Yang Guifei. This site was also the scene of the 1936 Xi'an Incident, when Chiang Kai-shek was kidnapped by former warlord Zhang Xueliang and forced to participate in a United Front with the Chinese Communist Party to oppose Japanese encroachment on China.

Under the Tang emperors Taizong and Xuanzong, the palace structure was rebuilt and renamed the Huaqing Palace. However, during the events associated with the An Lushan rebellion, considerable damage was done to the site. Nevertheless, the historical legacy of the Huaqing pools has received lasting commemoration, such as in the following mention of Emperor Xuanzong and Yang in Bai Juyi's poem "Song of Everlasting Regret".

Huan Garden is the former garden of the Huaqing Palace Xian tours. There lie the Lotus Pavilion, Viewing Lake Tower (Wanghu Lou), Flying Rainbow Bridge (Feihong Qiao), Flying Glow Hall (Feixia Ge), and Five-Room Hall (Wujian Ting). You will see lotus floating on the water and emitting sweet fragrance, and a white marble statue of Yang Guifei - recognized as one of the four most beautiful women in ancient China - stands tall by the lake like a shy and appealing fairy in the Lotus Pavilion.In popular legend, the Flying Glow Hall was once the place where Yang Guifei would overlook the scenery and cool down her long hair. The magnificent Frost Flying Hall used to be the bedroom of Emperor Xuanzong and Yang Guifei, with red supporting pillars and fine-patterned carving. Living in a place so full of spice must have made the inhabitants invigorated and pleased.

By visiting this site, you will not only enjoy the scenery, but also taste the joy of imagining yourself back to the Tang Dynasty.

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Ming and Qing Bucheon champion Xiushui Village houses open-air museum

Xiushui Village affordable China travel packages, 30 km from Bucheon county, is east town. Rural shuttle, 8 yuan fare. Daily more than 20 trips within easy reach.

Small village yard, due out over the Southern Song Dynasty scholar and famous. Chronicles of a 26 Scholars, was built between Tang Kaiyuan, dating back 1,300 years. Ancestor Mao Zhong Tang Kaiyuan Scholars, when he was governor of Guangxi HE. Extant The age of the oldest building is the Southern Song Dynasty, the other houses are also ancient Ming and Qing Dynasties. due to rush a visit, not add to research, 80-year-old advice to the village, Jieyue unknown, no genealogy records, simply These old houses than their grandparents.

A village with cobbled square, the new government-funded, but also a new road around the village, as well as roadside old houses are repainted, looks like a new house. I think the government kept a bunch of idiots, the road is correct , the old house into something new, superfluous, authentic very good, a decoration but nondescript, destroyed the original style as long as the road is good, get clean water, improve sanitation in the village, is a very beautiful attractions can make a lot of tourists come.

Top floor is water village, is said to be the Song Dynasty architecture, each dynasty has renovated architectural styles from the Central Plains top 10 China tours. Champion male hair knowing (1177-1213, the first year of Jubilee Song Ningzong open )1205 Yi Chou Division champion.

Mao Mao knew that under the Constitution the behest of his father, the successful candidates in order 'to send troops against gold, Central Plains' answer, is to meet the prime minister Han Tuozhou Expedition military forces of Italy, won the Han Tuozhou appreciated for its highly recommended, rather clan promoted to first. After Mao knew the champion, something granted to Cheng Lang, Jun Jie Du Town Magistrate book signing after the Han Tuozhou Expedition Consequently, Song defeated. traitor Mi Yun took the opportunity to pour Korean history, and urged 宁宗清 wash 'Han party', it was the sparse impeachment, Mao and his son were also affected, his father Mao constitution was dismissed from office, hair fall also knew the name of the fifth A. When only two years another 10 months, he was 'the first person wins Scholars grace cases.' deprived champion title.

After a few years, Mao knew had been frustrated, and finally died in Jiading five years, the age of 36. To death from high school champion, only a short eight years.

Scholars of ancient successful candidates admitted students said, according to Mao genealogy records, the Tang Dynasty, Guangxi Jinshi examinations only 10 people, and Xiushui Village accounted for Mao Mao Cheng Yin 3 Punishments any doctor, he served as Secretary of the prison;. 毛延禹 any Chaosandafu, hair extension duo supreme court review of any matter from the Tang to the Qing dynasty Kaiyuan 1100 years, Mao has admitted Silk Scholars. 26 people, 27 lifts, scholar number is impossible to statistics, a truly imperial family. both quantity from the continuation of the dynasty of view, Mao Silk family are regarded as a major bright miracle in the history of Chinese imperial examination system.

Xiushui Village because Mao knew high school champion and was known as the champion village. Champion in the village still retains a lot of the Ming, Qing Dynasties houses, temples, Temple, the ancient stage, and on to the emperor down to the magistrate Conferring, He presented plaques and other cultural relics, known as 'Ming and Qing houses open-air museum.'

According Xiushui Village eighteen years Guangxu Mao Ming Yi room genealogy records: Silk (Silk Road tours) admitted to champion a person ages, the Song Dynasty Mao knew; obtain Scholars to 26 people, these were the Tang Scholars: Mao Cheng Yin, Yan Yu Mao, Mao Yan Duo Song: Mao Huan, Mao Yuan, hair-dimensional-looking, Maowei Fan, Mao Chi, Mao Yong, Mao Jun, hair Hangzhou, Mao Yi, hair will be reached, Mao Chong, Mao Zhang, Kui Mao, Mao Health, hair base, hair new, Christine Mao, Mao Zhen, Wang Mao Mao was; Yuan: wool manufacturer, the Ming Dynasty: Mao Zhang Yan Qing: hair bright.

Door into a pond, open gate, into the hall. Champion statue of a sitting hall, smoke filled the incense table, pointing to a paper edict Nitai identity. Around the ancient wall of fame introduction of Scholars, and 26 Scholars portrait. Lintels Scholars plaque hanging. without any artifacts on display, presumably there will not be anything.

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