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A Hanging Gardens with an Altitude of 2000 meters – Beijing Baicaopan Scenic Area

With an altitude of 2161 meters, Baicaopan Scenic Area is known as the first peak in the southwester part of Beijing affordable China tours, and it is also the only tourist site, which can be directly reached to the top of the mountain by car in Beijing.

Baicaopan is scenically attractive with a variety of habitat, including larch forests, alpine meadows, widespread deciduous cover, extensive areas of shrubs and rocky slopes. More than 1,100 plant and 170 animal species, including brown-eared pheasants and leopards are growing in the area. Lots of birds are also interested in the well- protected forest. Part of the plateau of Baicaopan is covered in alpine meadows which provide ideal grazing ground for the brown-eared pheasant. As a natural botanical garden with more than 700 various kinds of trees, the area is famous for its yields of peaches, plums, apricots, persimmons, pears, walnuts, chestnuts and other fruits. With over 300 precious birds and many animals there, Baicaopan can be also viewed as a wild zoo.

Unlike other mountainous areas in Beijing, even the highest peaks here are accessible to non-mountaineers and can be reached with relative ease along ridge walks. A cement passage was established in 2003 and tour buses can also take tourists to the top of the mountain best tours of China. With abundant natural resources, Baicaopan Scenic Spot has many beautiful views including the Kunpeng Valley, grassland on the hill, holy caves, fairy road, 8 scenic spots on the mountain and 8 scenic spots under the mountain.

With curiosity and respect for the natural of mind, I got on the scenic tourist vehicle and arrived at the altitude of 2161 meters high Wuzhi Peak in Baicaopan scenic area, this mountain road is sunny slope and stretches 20 km, good repair. Both sides of the mountain are dotted with red rhododendrons. The distant is green pine forest and the different attitude of rocks. Here were once stationed by the Air Force Radar Troops popular China tour package, and this large area of pine forest was planted at that time.

The acres of alpine meadows gather hundreds of herbs and scent air, and are a natural hilltop garden. The most unusual is that, in the large garden, with the altitude difference, the species of plants are naturally different. View from a distance, a layer of colorful, arranged in neat, very charming, there are squirrels, pheasants from time to time.

Alpine meadow is the most famous attractions in the Baicaopan. There are large-scale flat slope meadows in Baicaopan. In summer, blocks of meadow are full of flowers; Walk on the wooden plank, flanked by flowers and clouds in the mountains, full of wild feeling.

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Where to go in Feb.?

There are 6 natural wonders to see at the nature reserve which includes: Aerial park, waterfalls, Tianchi lake affordable China tours, forests, hot springs, mountainous views and magical scenery and landscapes. There are two separate areas to Changbaishan, there is the northern slope and the western slope both lead to Tianchi lake. The botanical garden is also fantastic with over 80 trees and 300 plant species.

Changbaishan Natural Nature Reserve

The Changbaishan Nature Reserve was enlisted as a UNESCO Nature Reserve in 1979 and is the highest mountain in the North of China. The mountain covers an area of over 2,000 square meters and has an impressive forest and wildlife environment.


Changbai Mountain top China tours is now an inactive volcano and is estimated to have last erupted several hundred years ago. Gradually water filled the volcanic opening and the heavenly lake was formed. Due to the geography, Changbai Mountain is always surrounded by white clouds, looking like a precious jade on the heaven. Climate is also an astonishing scene here because you may find it raining hard on the east and shining warmly on the west.

Tianchi has been known for its magnificent and vast view but it is not easy to be lucky enough for tourists to see it once because of its misty weather. Tourists then have to choose the right seasons to see the wonderful scenery. What attracts tourists more is not only the landscape, but also the legendary myth of the monster.


Underground forest is a natural museum popular China tour package with the lowest altitude, ancient trees, medical plants, strange rocks, dangerous canyons as well as rare animals. As scientists introduced, it is formed by the eruption of volcano and leave great mysteries to modern people. These years, more and more travelers come here to appreciate precious scenes and take photos. And scientists try to explore the rare medical plants.

Changbaishan Ski Resort

The Changbaishan ski range has a variety of slopes for beginners, advanced and expert skiers. There are plenty of ski instructors available to those who need lessons on how glide down a mountain on a pair of skis without falling down. Ski rentals are available along with full and half-day lift passes. The Ski season at Changbaishan resort begins in November and continues through early May and is the only resort in China that offers 7 months of skiing. The ski resort now has 4 lifts and 20 trails and is estimated to add more.

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Wenshu Temple - best-preserved Buddhist temple

Wenshu Temple (admission RMB 2, open 6 am - 20h30 pm) affordable China tours, a monastery which dates back to the Tang dynasty, is Chengdu's largest and best-preserved Buddhist temple. Originally known as Xinxiang Temple, it was renamed after a Buddhist monk who lived there in the late 17 th century.

Perhaps the best thing about the monastery is the bustling crowd of worshippers who flock to the place. Together with the exquisite relief carvings that decorate many of the buildings in the complex, they render the temple well worth a visit.

On the monastery grounds check out the teahouse, one of the largest and most bustling in Chengdu with what seems like acres of tables. If you want to join in, sit one the west side of the path, closest to the main temple, where tea cost RMB 1. The tea must be greener on the other side of the path where it costs RMB 10. The vegetarian restaurant next door to the teahouse has great food at good prices.

The alley off Renmin Zhonglu, on which Wenshu Temple top 10 China tours is located, is a curiosity in itself, filled with joss-stick vendors, foot-callus removers, blind fortune-tellers with bamboo spills, and flower and fireworks sellers.

The Wenshu (Manjusri) Monastery was built in the Southern Dynasty and rebuilt in the Qing Dynasty. Its main buildings include the Hall of Lokapala, the Hall of Three Bodhisattvas, Daxiongbaodian (Precious Hall of Sakyamuni), Shuofatang (The Buddhist Lecture Hall), and the Scriptures Hall. There are in the Monastery over 400 statues of stone, iron, bronze, painted-clay as well as wood, in various size and shape. Among them, 19 bronze statues were cast in the Qing Dynasty, and 10 iron statues in the Song Dynasty. The skull of Xuanzang, a monk of the Tang Dynasty still kept in the Monastery is most precious.

There are numerous Buddhist cultural relics and arts in the Scriptures Hall. They comprise white-jade statue of Buddha from Myanmar, incantations on pattra-leaf in Sanskrit language from India, Japanese gold-plated scripture cylinder of the Tang Dynasty, embroidered picture of Songwen, the Diamond Sutra, calligraphies of the Song, Ming and Qing Dynasties, paintings of Biyan, and Zhuchan, as well as works of famous calligraphers and painters like Heshaoji, Zhengbanqiao and Zhangdaqian in addition to Nanzang scriptures of Ming Dynasty, Zhuangzang scriptures of the Qing Dynasty China guide, and Dade scriptures of Japan. These masterworks of art of both ancient and contemporary China, serve as a testimony to her friendly exchanges with the world.

The newly built Peace Pagoda of A Thousand Buddhas has 11 stories with a height of 22 meters, and decorated with a small yellow bell hung on each of the six upturned corner eaves of every story. Blown by the wind, the bells give out melodious sounds. It is the tallest iron pagoda casted in China.

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